A Little More with Jamie Lopina

Jamie Lopina

Current hometown: Orlando, FL

Country of origin: USA

Boat, Cable or Boat & Cable: Boat & Cable


When you first heard the announcement about the Moxie Pro what was your reaction?

Honestly, just so beyond stoked for all the girls. Everyone puts so much effort in, and to be given a platform like the Moxie Pro let’s us all know that what we do is worth it. I’m also pumped that there’s no travel required for the first two parts, since it’ll allow for a much broader display of female riding than at normal events. It’s gonna be a good one. LFG ladies!

How do you think the competition is going to stack up since this is a world wide event?

There’s so many chicks out there now who rip on both boat and cable, and a worldwide event like this will really showcase just how much female talent there really is in the sport of wakeboarding!

As a professional athlete how do you try to encourage other girls looking to come into the sport?

By presenting the sport as something much more than just wakeboarding. It’s an experience that’ll help you grow and learn about yourself and others. It’ll allow you to expand your world view and connect with people from all over. And, most of all, it’s fun and rewarding in so many ways. Competitions and everything else are important, but they can be scary and nerve-racking and might not be everyone’s thing. Winning is amazing and I definitely wish I could pull out a W more often, but by reminding myself that there is more to be taken away from wakeboarding, I’ve found it easier to stay motivated and to continue pushing myself and the sport!

Do you have any advice for a young girl looking to get into wakeboarding?

Do it! This goes for anyone with anything they dream of, but if you want it, go ahead and make it happen. Don’t shy away because one friend thinks it’s strange or another thinks it impossible. Just go for it! No matter how far you end up getting in wakeboarding or whatever it is you have your heart set on, I promise it’ll be worth your time. And always remember to be confident in yourself and stay true to who you are.

Do you have a specific training regimen, special foods or activities as part of your day-to-day?

Currently, most of my days are filled up with school work, so when I have some free time I’m spending it on the water. During a normal season I do try my best to stay as fit and healthy as possible. When I’ve been on it in the gym and at yoga I have more confidence in my body to handle trying bigger and better tricks. I’ve also been skating a lot recently! Not sure what sort of influence it’ll have on my riding, but it’s been cool learning something from scratch again.

If you weren’t wakeboarding what would your next choice be?

Either skating or surfing, either way it’d be something on a board.

Tell us one thing people don’t generally know about you?

I can drive a stick! Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you.

What’s the most amazing place you’ve traveled to go wakeboarding?

Ummmm this one is always hard for me. I would say Sunshine Coast, Australia, has provided me with plenty of good times and some life-long relationships. Bali is a dreamland. But the coolest place has to be Dubai, it’s such a different world in the UAE and one that I never thought I’d be able to visit!

Do you have a long term goal within the sport and industry?

Would say the biggest goal I have is to just be respected by others in the industry for who I am on and off the water.


Unicorn trick you’re chasing?

Don’t have a dream trick at the moment, this summer has really thrown off the normal wake agenda of compete, travel, train, and learn, so I’ve kinda gotten back to just riding for fun. Which has honestly been amazing and has reminded me of why I started riding in the first place!


Sponsors or anyone to thank?

Gotta give a shoutout to my Ronix family, Body Glove, and of course Bill and everyone at Alliance for making this happen!




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