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Congratulations To Meagan Ethell! Winner Of The First Ever Moxie Pro Boat Event WATCH RUNS
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Meagan Ethell Takes The Win

Encinitas CA, (September 28th, 2020) – The Moxie Pro Series presented by Body Glove with support Supra Boats has just completed the first ever Moxie Pro Boat Event and Meagan Ethell is the champion! Ethell is a 6x WWA Wakeboard World Champion and just proved again why she is the best in the world by taking this win. With her timeless style and technical control, Ethell took the top honor over the international field.

Bec Gange of Australia took a solid win in her semifinal heat to put the pressure on Ethell going into the final. Her big smooth and technical tricks, landed her in second place in the final just behind Ethell. Young gun Mary Morgan Powell has made a name for herself this year and perpetuated her rise in the boat rankings by winning the fan vote in the final and earning 3rd against the strongest international boat riders in the sport.

In this inaugural Moxie Pro event, incredible women wakeboarders from around the globe and of all ages submitted their entries for the boat riding event. There was great riding from all of the women, but the camaraderie that was shared via social media and through the comments on the Moxie-Pro website was truly inspiring and exactly what this series is about.

Moxie Pro Final Results

1  Meagan Ethell 93.3

2  Bec Gange 89.4

3  Mary Morgan Howell 86.8

4  Tarah Mikacich 83.6

5  Carro Djupsjö 79.5

6 Dallas Friday 75.3

7  Taylor McCullough 72.2

8  Hinata Yoshihara  70.1

Moxie Pro Semifinals Results
Heat 1

1  Meagan Ethell 91.7

2  Mary Morgan Howell 87.8

3  Dallas Friday 80.6

4  Hinata Yoshihara 73.2

5  Chelsea Clark 68

6 Katy Conoser  61.7

7  Kira Lewis 57.3

8  Payton Gross 54.5

Heat 2
1  Bec Gange 91.4

2  Tarah Mikacich 85.5

3  Carro Djupsjö 79.3

4  Taylor McCullough 75.6

5  Jamie Lopina 74.6

6 Kitt Smith 66.1

7  Alexa Guajardo 57.6

8  Rivers Hedrick 51.1


Welcome to the Moxie Pro Presented by Body Glove  – the first ever standalone all women’s professional wakeboarding series. For the digitally submitted boat event, riders are charged with submitting one consecutive 6 trick line with at least one Alliance Less Than 5 move (the Less Than 5 move is defined as anything less than a 540 rotation that is not inverted; grabbed straight airs, 180’s, 360’s. The goal here is to promote style and be relatable for the masses).

Video Capture:

As this is a judged event, we are looking for continuity. Please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Horizontal Video: You must shoot your video HORIZONTALLY
  • Angle/Location – Boat: Your cinematographer must shoot from the middle of the boat at a medium camera height. Format: You must shoot horizontally in 1920×1080 60P 
  • Framing: Please frame the rider in the middle of your screen with enough perspective to judge height and distance traveled. Do not pull in tight on your rider as that will hamper our ability to judge her run effectively.
  • Quality: Please shoot with the best quality camera and most experienced videographer possible.
  • No Editing: No editing of the rider’s line outside of  length of clip is allowed. 


Video Submission:

  • You must deliver a single clip in the following format: 1920×1080 60P – MP4 H.264 codec
  • File naming convention: RiderfirstnameRiderlastname.MoxiePro.CableorBoat
  • Videos will be run at full speed when judged and when placed online

Please make sure you have read the Rules and Submission guidelines on this site and all of the information above BEFORE submitting your video.


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September 21, 2020
September 28, 2020
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